Daily Productive Sharing 962 - Remember What You Read

Daily Productive Sharing 962 - Remember What You Read
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How to better remember what you've read? Anne-Laure Le Cunff offers a simple answer -- strengthen connections. On this, she provides some specific suggestions:

  1. Reading is also a form of compound interest; the more you read, the more you gain. This accumulation is not linear but is like compound interest.
  2. When choosing your next book, you can select one that is related to what you've just finished reading.
  3. When you are reading, try to stay focused, without a phone or other distractions.
  4. Taking notes and writing summaries can help deepen your impression.
  5. Putting learned knowledge into practice is actually the best way to deepen the impression.

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如何更好地记住阅读过的内容?Anne-Laure Le Cunff 给出了一个简单的答案 -- 增强联系。就此,她给出了一些具体建议:

  1. 阅读其实也是一种复利,读得越多,收获也会越多,这种积累不是线性的,而是像复利一样;
  2. 当你挑选下一本书籍的时候,可以挑选和刚读完的书相关的;
  3. 当你阅读的时候,尽量保持专注,不要有手机,不要有其他干扰;
  4. 记笔记,写总结都有助于你加深印象;
  5. 将学到的知识付诸于实践其实是加深印象最好的方法。

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