Daily Productive Sharing 964 - Where You Should Put Your Money?

Daily Productive Sharing 964 - Where You Should Put Your Money?
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Nick Maggiulli revealed an important perspective on wealth -- when to save and when to spend money is also crucial:

  1. The correct sequence for accumulating wealth should start with building security, which means preparing an emergency fund and paying off high-interest loans other than a mortgage.
  2. Next comes fulfillment, which involves setting aside some retirement funds, preparing for large expenses such as down payments, and then enjoying life.
  3. Only after these should you focus on maximizing your retirement savings and paying off all loans.
  4. The aspect of enjoying life mentioned in the second step is actually very important. What's the point of saving money just for the sake of it? Some things can only be enjoyed at specific times, and if those times are missed, the opportunity for enjoyment is lost.
  5. A typical example is paying off a mortgage early, which actually harms your liquidity because real estate is very illiquid.

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Nick Maggiulli 揭示了一个很重要的财富观 -- 在什么时候存什么钱,花什么钱也很重要:

  1. 正确的积攒财富的顺序应该是先构建安全性,即准备应急基金,还清除了房贷以外的高利率的贷款;
  2. 然后是满足性,即准备一部分养老金,准备首付等大额支出,然后享受人生;
  3. 最后才是最大化养老金,还清所有贷款;
  4. 第二步中的享受人生其实很重要,如果只是为了存钱而存钱,那有什么意义?有的事物只有在特定的时间才能享受,过了这些时间就无法享受。
  5. 最典型的例子就是提前还房贷,这其实损害了你的流动性,因为房地产的流动性非常差。

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