Daily Productive Sharing 965 - Hackers and Painters

Daily Productive Sharing 965 - Hackers and Painters
Photo by Kristaps Ungurs / Unsplash

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"Hackers and Painters" is Paul Graham's famous work, and he gave a lecture of the same name at Harvard in 2003:

  1. The greatest commonality between hackers and painters is that they are both creators;
  2. Creating something new is usually about making a slight improvement on an existing basis or combining existing things together;
  3. It's already dangerous when people misunderstand your work, but even more dangerous is when you misunderstand your own work;
  4. If you want to make money, then you should focus on things that others find too troublesome.

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《黑客与画家》是 Paul Graham 的成名之作,他于2003年在哈佛做过一个同名讲座:

  1. 黑客与画家最大的共同点在于他们都是创造者;
  2. 创造一个新东西通常是在原有的基础上做出一点改进,或者把已有的东西结合到一起;
  3. 人们误解你的作品已经很危险了,更危险的是,你误解自己的作品;
  4. 如果你想赚钱的话 ,那么你应该聚焦在别人觉得太麻烦的事上。

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