Daily Productive Sharing 967 - Rules for Happiness

Daily Productive Sharing 967 - Rules for Happiness
Photo by Julia Solonina / Unsplash

One helpful tip per day:)

Scott Young shared his seven suggestions on how to maintain happiness, some of which deeply inspired me:

  1. Accept that most aspects of our lives are difficult to change, but strive to change what we can.
  2. Happiness is about maximizing the opportunities present in our current stage of life.
  3. Although we continuously pursue happiness, true happiness may actually be found in the pursuit itself.
  4. Happiness often appears unexpectedly in our lives, and we may overlook it if we're not attentive.
  5. Our choices are certainly limited, but within these limitations, we can always find some room for change.

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如何保持快乐?Scott Young 分享了他的七条建议,其中一些让我深有启发:

  1. 接受我们生活中的大部分都难以改变,但是追求改变我们可以改变的;
  2. 所谓快乐的其实是最大化我们现阶段生活中存在的机会;
  3. 虽然我们一直在追求快乐,但其实真正的快乐可能是追求本身;
  4. 快乐往往不经意间出现在我们的生活中,如果我们不加注意,就可能忽略这些;
  5. 我们所能选择的当然有限,但是这些局限中,我们总能找到一些空间去改变。

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