Daily Productive Sharing 968 - David Perell's Frameworks

Daily Productive Sharing 968 - David Perell's Frameworks
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How to face challenges in life? David Perell shared his 18 thinking frameworks:

  1. When you're stuck in a very specific scenario, you can broaden your perspective; when you're stuck in a too broad scenario, you can focus your perspective.
  2. Most choices are reversible.
  3. Keith Rabois investment rule: Find highly fragmented industries with poor user experiences, and then devise a way to vertically integrate a solution to simplify these steps.
  4. People always want to do simple and attractive things, so competition in such industries will be fierce. Try to do the opposite, where there's less competition and higher returns.

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如何面对生活中的挑战?David Perell 分享了他的18个思维框架:

  1. 当你困在太具体的情形下,可以把视角放宽;当你困在太宽泛的情形下,可以把视角聚焦;
  2. 大多是选择都是可逆的;
  3. Keith Rabois 投资法则:找那些高度分散而且用户体验很差的行业,然后想办法垂直整合一个方案,用来简化这些步骤;
  4. 人们总想着做简单又吸引人的事,所以这样的行业竞争会很激烈。试着反着来做,这样竞争少,回报高。

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