Daily Productive Sharing 969 - Solo Walks

Daily Productive Sharing 969 - Solo Walks
Photo by Yuri Krupenin / Unsplash

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Why walk alone? Craig Mod provided his own answers:

  1. For him, walking is a conversation, and walking alone is a conversation with himself.
  2. The essence of walking alone is to confront the unfamiliar, to face the strangeness along the way.
  3. True walking involves retracing paths already taken so that you can better appreciate the joy in them.

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为什么要独自行走?Craig Mod 给出了自己的答案:

  1. 行走于她而言就是一场对话,独自行走是他与自己的对话;
  2. 独自行走的要义就是直面陌生,直面途中的陌生;
  3. 真正的行走在于重复走已经走过的路,这样你才能更好地体会其中的乐趣。

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