Daily Productive Sharing 971 - Doing it all

Daily Productive Sharing 971 - Doing it all
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One helpful tip per day:)

Herbert Lui shared how he balances writing with his primary job:

  1. Ensure priority: Clarify what you want.
  2. Maintain flexibility: Create whenever there's an opportunity.
  3. Follow your thoughts: Go with your brain, this helps maintain energy better.
  4. Keep practicing: You can't improve without practice, but consistent practice may lead to improvement.
  5. Stay motivated: If you truly believe in something, persist in doing it.

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Herbert Lui 分享了他如何兼顾写作和本职工作:

  1. 保证优先度:想清楚自己要什么
  2. 保持灵活性:见缝插针,随时创作
  3. 紧随思绪:跟着大脑走,这样就能更好地保持精力
  4. 不断练习: 如果不练习就不可能变好,坚持练习至少有可能变好
  5. 保持驱动力:如果坚信什么,那就坚持去做

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