Daily Productive Sharing 972 - 101 Additional Advices

Daily Productive Sharing 972 - 101 Additional Advices
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One helpful tip per day:)

Since five years ago, Kevin Kelly has been writing down some pieces of advice on his birthday. These valuable suggestions have been compiled and published in Excellent Advice for Living. This year is no exception, Kevin shared 101 pieces of advice, some of which were eye-opening for me:

  1. The best way to criticize something is to make something better.
  2. Whenever you hug someone, be the last to let go.
  3. Don’t save up the good stuff (fancy wine, or china) for that rare occasion that will never happen; instead use them whenever you can.
  4. Never hesitate to invest in yourself—to pay for a class, a course, a new skill. These modest expenditures pay outsized dividends.
  5. Interview your parents while they are still alive. Keep asking questions while you record. You’ll learn amazing things.
  6. When shopping for anything physical (souvenirs, furniture, books, tools, shoes, equipment), ask yourself: where will this go? Don’t buy it unless there is a place it can live.
  7. You owe everyone a second chance, but not a third.
  8. But you owe everyone—even those you dislike—basic respect.
  9. When someone texts you they are running late, double the time they give you.
  10. You can become the world’s best in something primarily by caring more about it than anyone else.
  11. Asking “what-if?” about your past is a waste of time; asking “what-if?” about your future is tremendously productive.
  12. Where you live is one of the few things in your life you can choose and change.
  13. Most arguments are not really about the argument, so most arguments can’t be won by arguing.
  14. The surest way to be successful is to invent your own definition of success.
  15. Changing your mind about important things is not a consequence of stupidity, but a sign of intelligence.
  16. You have 5 minutes to act on a new idea before it disappears from your mind.
  17. The patience you need for big things, is developed by your patience with the little things.
  18. Don’t fear failure. Fear average.
  19. When you are stuck or overwhelmed, focus on the smallest possible thing that moves your project forward.
  20. For steady satisfaction, work on improving your worst days, rather than your best days.
  21. When you find yourself procrastinating, don’t resist. Instead lean into it. Procrastinate 100%. Try to do absolutely nothing for 5 minutes. Make it your job. You’ll fail. After 5 minutes, you’ll be ready and eager to work.
  22. The most common mistake we make is to do a great job on an unimportant task.
  23. Don’t work for a company you would not invest money in, because when you are working you are investing the most valuable thing you have: your time.
  24. Fail fast. Fail often. Fail forward. Failing is not a disgrace if you keep failing better.
  25. For every success there is a corresponding non-monetary tax of some kind. To maintain success you have to gladly pay these taxes.
  26. Do not cling to a mistake just because you spent a lot of time making it.
  27. You should be willing to look foolish at first, in order to look like a genius later.
  28. The most selfish thing in the world you can do is to be generous. Your generosity will return you ten fold.
  29. Discover people whom you love doing “nothing” with, and do nothing with them on a regular basis. The longer you can maintain those relationships, the longer you will live.
  30. Write your own obituary, the one you’d like to have, and then everyday work towards making it true.
  31. Avoid making any kind of important decision when you are either hungry, angry, lonely, or tired (HALT). Just halt when you are HALT.
  32. When you try something new, don’t think of it as a matter of success / failure, but as success / learning to succeed.
  33. If you are out of ideas, go for a walk. A good walk empties the mind—and then refills it with new stuff.
  34. Education is overly expensive. Gladly pay for it anyway, because ignorance is even more expensive.
  35. A good sign that you are doing the kind of work you should be doing is that you enjoy the tedious parts that other people find tortuous.
  36. The more persistent you are, the more chances you get to be lucky.
  37. Small steps matter more when you play a long game because a long horizon allows you to compound small advances into quite large achievements.
  38. Very small things accumulate until they define your larger life. Carefully choose your everyday things.
  39. It is impossible to be curious and furious at the same time, so avoid furious.
  40. College is about exploring. Just try stuff.
  41. If you continually give, you will continually have.
  42. You’ll never meet a very successful pessimistic person. If you want to be remarkable, get better at being optimistic.
  43. Get good at being corrected without being offended.
  44. There is no formula for success, but there are two formulas for failure: not trying and not persisting.
  45. Slow progress is still a million times better than no progress.
  46. Recipe for greatness: expect much of yourself and little of others.

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自从五年前,Kevin Kelly 都会在自己的生日写下一些人生经验。这些宝贵的经验已经集结出版 -- Excellent Advice for Living。今年也不例外,Kevin 分享了101条人生经验,其中一些让我茅塞顿开:

  1. 批评的最好方式是做得更好。
  2. 拥抱别人时,要最后一个放手。
  3. 不要把好东西(如精美的葡萄酒或瓷器)留到几乎不会发生的特殊场合;应该尽可能经常使用它们。
  4. 永远不要犹豫投资自己——支付课程、培训、新技能的费用。这些小投资将带来巨大的回报。
  5. 在父母还在人世时采访他们。录音的同时不停地提问。你会发现很多惊惊喜。
  6. 购买任何实物(纪念品、家具、书籍、工具、鞋子、设备)时,问自己:这将放在哪里?除非有合适的位置,否则不要购买。
  7. 你应该给每个人第二次机会,但没有第三次。
  8. 但你应该给每个人——即使是你不喜欢的人——基本的尊重。
  9. 当有人发短信说他们会迟到时,将他们说的时间翻倍。
  10. 你可以通过比任何人都更关心某件事来成为世界上最好的。
  11. 你住的地方是你生活中可以选择和改变的少数事情之一。
  12. 大多数争论实际上与争论的内容无关,所以通过争论大多数争论是无法赢得的。
  13. 成功的最确定方式是创造你自己的成功定义。
  14. 改变你对重要事物的看法不是愚蠢的后果,而是智慧的标志。
  15. 你有5分钟的时间来实践一个新想法,否则它将从你的脑海中消失。
  16. 你对大事所需的耐心,是通过对小事的耐心培养出来的。
  17. 不要害怕失败。害怕平庸。
  18. 当你感到困顿或不知所措时,专注于能推动项目向前的最小可能事情。
  19. 为了持续的满足感,努力改善你最糟糕的日子,而不是你最好的日子。
  20. 当你发现自己在拖延时,不要抵抗。相反,要全力以赴。100%地拖延。尝试在5分钟内什么都不做。把它当作你的工作。你会失败的。5分钟后,你将准备好并渴望开始工作。
  21. 我们犯的最常见错误是在不重要的任务上做得很好。
  22. 不要为你不会投资的公司工作,因为当你工作时,你正在投资最宝贵的东西:你的时间。
  23. 快速失败。经常失败。向前失败。只要你不断改进,失败并不是耻辱。
  24. 每一个成功都有相应的非货币税负。要维持成功,你必须乐意支付这些税。
  25. 不要因为你花了很多时间犯错就死抱错误不放。
  26. 你应该愿意最初看起来愚蠢,为了之后看起来像个天才。
  27. 世界上最自私的事情就是慷慨。你的慷慨将给你带来十倍的回报。
  28. 发现那些你喜欢与之一起“无所事事”的人,并定期与他们一起无所事事。你能维持这些关系的时间越长,你就会活得越久。
  29. 写下你自己的讣告,你希望有的那种,然后每天都努力使它成为现实。
  30. 在饥饿、愤怒、孤独或疲倦(HALT)的情况下避免做任何重要决策。当你HALT时,就停下来。
  31. 当你尝试新事物时,不要把它看作是成功/失败的问题,而是看作是成功/学习成功的问题。
  32. 如果你没有灵感,就去散步。散步可以清空脑袋——然后用新东西填满它。
  33. 教育费用过高。不过还是乐意支付,因为无知的代价更高。
  34. 你是否在做适合你的工作的一个好迹象是,你享受其他人觉得痛苦的枯燥部分。
  35. 你越坚持,就越有机会幸运。
  36. 当你打算长期游戏时,小步骤更为重要,因为长远的视角让你可以将小进步累积成相当大的成就。
  37. 非常小的事情积累起来,直到它们定义了你更大的生活。仔细选择你的日常事物。
  38. 好奇和愤怒不可能同时存在,所以避免愤怒。
  39. 大学是用来探索的。尝试各种东西。
  40. 如果你持续给予,你将持续拥有。
  41. 你永远不会遇到一个非常成功的悲观主义者。如果你想成为杰出的人,就要变得更乐观。
  42. 学会在被纠正时不感到冒犯。
  43. 成功没有公式,但失败有两个公式:不尝试和不坚持。
  44. 缓慢的进展仍然比没有进展好一百万倍。
  45. 伟大的秘诀:对自己期望高,对别人期望低。

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