Daily Productive Sharing 975 - The Invisible Seafaring Industry

Daily Productive Sharing 975 - The Invisible Seafaring Industry
Photo by Peter Fogden / Unsplash

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Josh Dzieza wrote an in-depth report for The Verge on the repair of submarine cables, which is very detailed and well-illustrated with appropriate visualizations:

  1. Sharks do not actually bite and damage submarine cables. In fact, humans are the most common culprits, with trawling fishing boats being the primary offenders, followed by ships dropping anchors;
  2. The deepest submarine cables are located at depths of up to eight kilometers. The article mentions Ocean Link, which once repaired a submarine cable at a depth of 6200 meters;
  3. There are over 1 million kilometers of submarine cables worldwide, and almost every day a cable gets damaged. If it weren't for redundancy, the internet would have long ceased functioning;
  4. In fact, the 2011 earthquake in Japan severed 7 out of 12 trans-Pacific submarine cables, nearly disrupting internet communication between Japan and the USA;
  5. There are only about twenty ships capable of repairing submarine cables, most of which are past their expected service life.
  6. Today, there is more enthusiasm for building new submarine cables, especially as internet giants prefer to construct their own to secure cheaper data flow. This has led to an explosive increase in the maintenance work of submarine cables, while simultaneously weakening their bargaining power.

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Josh Dzieza 为 The Verge 写的这篇海底电缆修复的深度报道非常精彩,图文并茂,还有恰到好处的可视化:

  1. 鲨鱼并不会咬坏海底电缆。事实上,最容易破坏海底电缆的还是人类自己,首屈一指的是拖网渔船,其次就是船下锚;
  2. 最深的海底电缆在还在八公里的深处。文中的 Ocean Link 曾经修复过 6200 米深处的海底电缆;
  3. 全世界有超过100万公里的海底电缆,几乎每天都有海底电缆受损。如果不是有冗余,互联网早就罢工了。
  4. 事实上,2011年的日本311大地震切断了日本12条跨太平洋海底电缆中的7条,差点切断日本与美国之间的互联网通信
  5. 而能修复的海底电缆修复船不过二十几条,大多数都已超期服役。
  6. 大家现在更热衷于修建新的海底电缆,尤其是互联网巨头都倾向于构建自己的海底电缆,从而获得更便宜的流量。这一方面使得海底电缆的维护工作爆炸式增长,另一方面却让它们的议价权被削弱。

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