Daily Productive Sharing 976 - The True Learning

Daily Productive Sharing 976 - The True Learning
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What does true learning look like? While lifelong learning is a popular concept today, Andrej Karpathy believes that true learning should be like real exercise — it needs to make you sweat and feel like you’re putting in effort:

  1. Many quick, bite-sized pieces of content can’t teach you real knowledge.
  2. Like exercise, you need to make your brain sweat to learn something.
  3. If you truly want to learn something, you should diligently spend four hours with textbooks and papers, read them carefully, take notes, read again, thoroughly digest the material, and put it into practice.
  4. Similarly, if you want to teach something, try to provide comprehensive content. While you may not have a large audience, this ensures that those who listen to you will gain real knowledge.

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真正的学习是什么样的?尽管时下终身学习是一个很流行的概念,当时 Andrej Karpathy 认为真正的学习应该像真正的锻炼一样 -- 需要你出汗,让你感到需要努力才行:

  1. 很多短平快的内容无法让你学到真正的知识;
  2. 就像锻炼一样,你需要让你的大脑出汗才能学到东西;
  3. 如果你真的想学什么,那就老老实实花四个小时,找来课本,找来论文,认真阅读,做好笔记,再次阅读,好好消化,付诸于实践。
  4. 同样地,如果你想教授什么知识,也尽量提供完备的内容,也许不会有很多人听你讲,但是这能确保听你讲的人学到真正的知识。

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