Daily Productive Sharing 977 - Lagging Indicators

Daily Productive Sharing 977 - Lagging Indicators
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When you experience writer's block, what does it mean? Ryan Holiday believes it is a lagging indicator — specifically, it indicates that there hasn’t been enough input, so you can’t produce output.

In fact, all success and failure are lagging indicators:

  1. When you get a promotion, it’s because of your previous excellent work; when you fall ill, it’s because you didn’t take good care of yourself earlier. These are all lagging indicators.
  2. If you understand these as lagging indicators, you can trace back to find the cause when encountering problems. For instance, if you can’t write, then increase your input rather than forcing yourself to write.
  3. Similarly, some seemingly magical successes are not achieved overnight but are accumulated bit by bit. For example, Ryan Holiday’s Discipline is Destiny sold more in its first week than his previous book The Obstacle Is the Way did in its first year, precisely because the earlier work laid the foundation for the later one.

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当你写作卡壳时,意味着什么?Ryan Holiday 认为这是一个延迟的信号 -- 即输入不够,所以写不出来。


  1. 当你获得晋升,是因为你之前的工作出色;当你生病,是因为你之前没有照顾好自己,等等这些都是延迟的信号;
  2. 如果明白这些都是延迟的信号,那么碰到问题就只要往回追溯即可。比如写不出来的话,那就多输入,而不是影写;
  3. 同理,一些看似神奇的成功,并不是一蹴而就的,而是一点点积累的。比如 Ryan Holiday 的 Discpline is Destiny 上市一周的销量就超过前作 The Obstacle Is the Way 第一年的销量,恰恰是因为这本前作为后作打下了基础。

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