Daily Productive Sharing 978 - Overcome Fears

Daily Productive Sharing 978 - Overcome Fears
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How can one overcome inner fears? Mark Manson offers six methods, all based on the principle that human thoughts are interconnected:

  1. Exposure Therapy - Gradually expose yourself to a little bit of fear, then slowly increase the intensity.
  2. Related Exposure - Engage in activities related to your fear. For example, if you fear flying, try paragliding to build a connection with the original fear and gain confidence.
  3. High Altitude Training - Similar to high altitude training in sports, if you fear something, try something even scarier first, then return to the original fear, and it will seem less daunting.
  4. Make It Fun - Turn what you fear into something enjoyable, letting joy dissolve the fear.
  5. Build Identity Cognition - We often associate with our identities, so by creating a new identity related to the fear, we can diminish the fear.
  6. Do It with Friends - This approach can be more reliable and increase the likelihood of overcoming the fear.

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如何克服心中的恐惧?Mark Manson 给出了六个方法,这些都给予同一个道理,即人的思维是相关联的:

  1. 暴露疗法 -- 将自己暴露在一点点恐惧中,然后慢慢增大恐惧;
  2. 相关暴露 -- 将自己暴露在与恐惧相关的活动中,比如害怕飞行,可以尝试滑翔伞,从而与原先的恐惧建立联系,并建立信心;
  3. 高海拔训练 -- 与体育中的高海拔训练一样,如果我们害怕某件事物,可以直接尝试比这件事更可怕的事,然后回到这件事上,我们就不再害怕了;
  4. 把它变得有趣 -- 把我们害怕的事变成一件有趣的事,让快乐溶解恐惧;
  5. 建立身份认知 -- 我们习惯和自己的身份绑定在一起,所以当我们针对恐惧建立一个新的身份认知,我们可以以此来消解恐惧;
  6. 与朋友一起 -- 这样可以变得更靠谱,更加有可能克服恐惧。

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