Daily Productive Sharing 979 - Why Smart People Do Dumb Things?

Daily Productive Sharing 979 - Why Smart People Do Dumb Things?
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Are smart people always able to make the right decisions? Anne-Laure Le Cunff disagrees, as decision-making is a complex process influenced by factors such as environment and psychology, so smart people don’t necessarily make the right decisions every time. However, there is a better framework that can help us make smarter decisions, which is the DECIDE framework invented by Kristina Guo:

  1. Define the problem. Taking a step back to ensure you really understand the problem at hand should be the first priority when trying to make a decision.
  2. Establish the criteria. If you’re about to purchase a piece of software, what are the criteria?
  3. Consider the alternatives. Try to spend the right amount of time on this step.
  4. Identify the best alternative. Weight the list of criteria you have created in the second step, and rate each of the alternatives.
  5. Evaluate the solution. In order to make better decisions over time, examine the outcomes and the feedback you get.
  6. Develop and implement a plan of action. Time to act on that decision.

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聪明人一定能做出正确决策吗?Anne-Laure Le Cunff 不以为然,这是因为决策是一个复杂过程,受到环境,心理等因素的影响,所以聪明人不一定每次都能做出正确的决策。不过有一个更好的框架可以帮助我们做出聪明的决策,就是 Kristina Guo 发明的 DECIDE 框架:

  1. 定义问题 (Define) -- 后退一步,确保你真正理解手头的问题,这是做出决策时的首要任务。
  2. 建立标准 (Establish) -- 如果你要购买一款软件,标准是什么?
  3. 考虑备选方案 (Consider) -- 尝试在这个步骤上花费适当的时间。
  4. 确定最佳备选方案 (Identify) -- 权衡你在第二步中创建的标准列表,并对每个备选方案进行评分。
  5. 制定和实施行动计划 (Develop) -- 是时候采取行动了。
  6. 评估解决方案 (Evaluate) -- 为了随着时间的推移做出更好的决策,检查你得到的结果和反馈。

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