Daily Productive Sharing 980 - Having Kids

Daily Productive Sharing 980 - Having Kids
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What does it feel like to have children? Paul Graham shares his insights:

  1. Having children made him less ambitious because he focused most of his attention on his children. Attention is a zero-sum game, so he had less to devote to his ambitions.
  2. Before having children, he had a lot of freedom, but most of it was solitary freedom.
  3. Having children is an intense experience that one can only truly understand through personal experience.
  4. Children accompany you like friends, so you not only love them but are also curious about them.

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拥有孩子是什么样的感受?Paul Graham 分享了他的见解:

  1. 拥有孩子之后让他变得不再那么野心勃勃,这是因为有了孩子之后,他把大部分注意力放在孩子身上,而注意力是个零和游戏,所以他没有那么多注意力在自己的野心上;
  2. 拥有孩子之前,他有很多自由,但大部分都是孤独的自由;
  3. 拥有孩子是一种强烈的体验,只有自己亲身经历才能明白;
  4. 孩子会像朋友一样陪伴你,所以你不仅仅爱他们,还对他们感到好奇。

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