Daily Productive Sharing 981 - Best Job Advices by Ryan Holiday

Daily Productive Sharing 981 - Best Job Advices by Ryan Holiday
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Work for status or income? Ryan Holiday, from his own experience, tells us that income is the preferable choice:

  1. Despite being a bestselling author now, Ryan Holiday spent years as a ghostwriter, never leaving his name on the books he wrote for others.
  2. Despite the anonymity, he made money and gained recognition within the industry.
  3. This recognition helped him connect with publishers, and those who hired him as a ghostwriter provided endorsements.
  4. Most importantly, through this work, he honed his skills, laying the foundation for his future writing career.

If you loathe your current job and plan to quit, how can you make the most of this time? Ryan's answer is, despite the loathing, to see if you can maximize the opportunities in this job:

  1. As he prepared to leave his position at American Apparel, he arranged as many business trips as possible, organized various marketing events, and networked with people inside and outside the company.
  2. The reasoning is simple: make the most of all opportunities in this position to pave the way for future work.
  3. Therefore, even if we despise our current job, we can still consider whether it can pave the way for our future selves.

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工作中要名分还是要收入?Ryan Holiday 以自己的亲身经历告诉我们,要收入才是更优选:

  1. 尽管 Ryan Holiday 现在是多本畅销书的作者,当他早年做了很久的影子写手,帮人写书却从来不留下名字;
  2. 尽管这么做没多少人知道他的名字,但是他赚到了钱,也得到了业内人士的认可;
  3. 这些认可让他得以和一些出版商建立联系,同时那些找他做影子写手的人也为他背书;
  4. 最重要的是,他通过这些写作提高了自己的能力,为今后的写作生涯奠定了基础。

如果你极其厌恶自己的工作,打算离职,那么如何利用这段时间?Ryan 的答案是厌恶归厌恶,看看能不能最大化的利用这个工作机会:

  1. 当他准备离开 American Appeal 的职位时,他安排了尽可能多的出差,组织了各种营销活动,结识公司内外的人;
  2. 道理很简单,就是尽可能利用这个职位的所有机会,为未来的工作铺路。
  3. 所以哪怕我们极其厌恶当下的工作,也可以看看这份工作是否能为未来的自己铺路。

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