Daily Productive Sharing 984 - How to Invest in an Election Year?

Daily Productive Sharing 984 - How to Invest in an Election Year?
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How to invest during a US election year? Nick Maggiulli analyzed historical data of the US stock market and provided his insights:

  1. Regardless of the election outcome, the US stock market tends to rise after the election results are announced.
  2. Comparing the elections of 2016 with Trump's victory and 2020 with Biden's victory, the latter resulted in a larger increase in the stock market.
  3. However, analyzing the stock market performance during the terms of both presidents, Trump's term showed better performance than Biden's.
  4. Looking at the economic plans of the current candidates, Trump focuses on short-term economic stimulus and more aggressive tariff policies to protect the US economy, while Biden aims to increase taxes to reduce long-term wealth inequality.
  5. Regardless of the election outcome, the best strategy for investing in US stocks is to continue investing.

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在美国大选年应该如何投资?Nick Maggiulli 分析了美国股市的历史数据,给出了自己的见解:

  1. 无论谁当选,美国股市在大选结果公布之后,都会上涨;
  2. 对比2016年 Trump 上台和2020年 Biden 上台,后者让股市上涨的幅度更大;
  3. 但分析两任总统任期内的股市表现,Trump 任期内的股市表现优于 Biden 任期内的股市表现;
  4. 具体来看目前两位候选人的经济计划,Trump 着眼于短期的经济刺激以及更加激进的关税政策来保护美国本土经济,而 Biden 着眼于提高税收以期减小长期的贫富差距;
  5. 无论谁当选,最好的美股投资策略就是继续投资。

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