Daily Productive Sharing 985 - Fitness Tips From A 50-yo

Daily Productive Sharing 985 - Fitness Tips From A 50-yo
Photo by Neil Mark Thomas / Unsplash

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How to maintain good health after fifty? Ted Ryce shares his fitness insights from thirty years:

  1. When you're stressed, it's easier to gain weight; when stress is low, it's easier to lose weight.
  2. Sticking to fitness routines is driven by habit, not motivation.
  3. Sleep is crucial for fitness; poor sleep makes it harder to stay healthy.
  4. Your emotions directly affect your health.
  5. Strength training helps with fat loss, while cardio helps reduce stress.
  6. Staying active doesn't only mean hitting the gym; walking more and taking the stairs also help.

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年过五十,如何保持良好的健康?Ted Ryce 分享了他三十年来的健身收获:

  1. 压力大的时候容易长肉,压力小的时候才容易掉肉;
  2. 坚持健身并不靠动力驱使,而是靠习惯驱使;
  3. 睡眠对于健身非常重要,越差的睡眠越难保持健康;
  4. 你的感觉直接影响你的健康;
  5. 力量训练有助于你掉肉,有氧运动有助于你减轻压力;
  6. 保持活力并不意味只有靠健身房才能实现,多走几步,多走走楼梯都有帮助。

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