Daily Productive Sharing 986 - Mental Liquidity

Daily Productive Sharing 986 - Mental Liquidity
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“What have you changed your mind about in the last decade?” -- This is a question that Morgan Housel often asks his friends.

In fact, this is a rare ability - mental liquidity, which is the ability to quickly abandon previous ideas when the world changes or new information is acquired. Even Einstein struggled with this. He once opposed quantum physics, but years later wrote letters of recommendation for several quantum physicists who won Nobel Prizes.

The reasons why thinking is difficult to change are usually these:

  1. People are afraid of facing uncertainty.
  2. People are afraid to admit their mistakes.

To encourage mental liquidity, we can:

  1. Be careful what beliefs you let become part of your identity;
  2. Most fields have lots of rules, theories, ideas, and hunches.

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过去十年里,你的观念或者想法有什么变化吗?这是 Morgan Housel 常问朋友的一个问题。

其实这是一种难得的能力 -- 思维的流动性,即当世界变化时,或者获得新的信息之后,快速放弃之前想法的能力。即使爱因斯坦也曾受困于此,他曾经反对量子物理,多年之后还是为几位量子物理学者撰写了诺贝尔奖的推荐词。


  1. 人们害怕面对不确定性;
  2. 人们害怕承认自己的错误;


  1. 别把自己的观念当作自己的身份;
  2. 很多领域都不是一成不变的,所以我们要及时更新自己的观念。

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