Daily Productive Sharing 987 - 50 things I know

Daily Productive Sharing 987 - 50 things I know
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What is the greatest regret in life? Sasha Chapin said hers is not accepting apologies from others when she was young. She also shared another forty-nine life insights, some of which are thought-provoking:

  1. I know what makes people grow more reliably than anything else. It is: taking on a difficult project with some amount of public accountability.
  2. I’ve regretted spending money on many things, but never food I’ve fed to friends.
  3. The most crucial info about a society is how it feels to be there—the rhythms of street life, where and when people eat meals, how gender works.
  4. Don’t ask yourself where your true gifts lie. Ask what other people seem weirdly bad at.
  5. Accordingly, if you want radical change, radically change your environment.
  6. Two years of BJJ didn’t make me a good fighter, but it did give me more self-knowledge than an equivalent amount of therapy.
  7. Listening is a neglected social skill. But I know that an even more neglected social skill is candor.
  8. If your significant other asks you to do an irritating-for-them task that is not especially difficult, you should be thankful.
  9. Freedom is earned by confronting things that embarrass and trigger you, over and over again, until you are cringe-proof in your desired environment.
  10. Decide that, given that you’re a lazy person, you will work diligently for only 30 entirely focused minutes on the most important thing, and then take the rest of the day off.
  11. I know that almost nobody hears too many sincere compliments.

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人生最大的遗憾是什么?Sasha Chapin 说她的是没有在年轻的时候接受他人的道歉。她还分享了另外四十九条人生感悟,其中一些发人深省:

  1. 我知道什么能使人们成长。那就是:承担一个有一定责任感的困难项目。
  2. 我对很多东西花钱后感到后悔,但从未对我请朋友吃饭感到后悔。
  3. 不要问自己真正的天赋在哪里。问问其他人觉得奇怪且不擅长的是什么。
  4. 如果你想要彻底的改变,就彻底改变你的环境。
  5. 两年的巴西柔术比同等时间的心理咨询更多地让我获得了自我认知。
  6. 倾听是一种被忽视的社交技能。但我知道,更被忽视的社交技能是坦诚。
  7. 如果你的另一半让你做一个对他们来说很烦人但并不特别难的任务,你应该感到感激。
  8. 自由是通过反复面对让你感到尴尬和触发的事情而赚得的,直到在你希望的环境中你变得不再尴尬。
  9. 承认你是一个懒惰的人,你将只在最重要的事情上专注工作30分钟,然后休息一整天。
  10. 我知道几乎没有人会听到过多真诚的赞美。

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