Daily Productive Sharing 988 - Think for Yourself

Daily Productive Sharing 988 - Think for Yourself
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"How to Think for Yourself? Paul Graham believes there are three components: fastidiousness about truth, sticking to your own opinions, and curiosity.


  1. Truly valuable insights are those that other people disagree with.
  2. The people around you have a significant impact on you.
  3. If you find yourself in an environment that makes you feel 'like it's high school,' you know you should leave.
  4. Try to meet different types of people, as well as cultivate a small group of independently thinking friends.
  5. When I meet someone who knows a lot about something unusual, I try to learn what they know that others don't.
  6. When I read history, I do it not just to learn what happened, but to try to understand the thoughts of people in the past.
  7. When you stand far enough back, you can see ideas spreading through groups of people like waves.
  8. Independent thinking and curiosity perfectly predict each other.
  9. Because the three parts of independent thinking are interchangeable, you can have one of them but still achieve the same result.
  10. Therefore, curiosity is the compass. Perhaps, if your goal is to discover novel ideas, your motto should not be 'do what you love' so much as 'do what you're curious about.'

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如何独立思考?Paul Graham 认为有三个要素:对真理的执着,坚持己见,以及好奇心。


  1. 真正有价值的见解是其他人不同意的见解。
  2. 你周围的人对你影响很大。
  3. 如果你发现自己处于一个让你觉得“这就像高中”的环境中,你知道你应该离开。
  4. 尝试结交不同类型的人,以及培养一小群独立思考的朋友。
  5. 当我遇到一个对不寻常的事物了解很多的人时,我试图学习他们所知道的其他人不知道的东西。
  6. 当我阅读历史时,不仅是为了了解发生了什么,还试图理解过去的人们的想法。
  7. 当你站得足够远时,你可以看到思想像波浪一样在人群中传播。
  8. 独立思考和好奇心完美地预示着彼此。
  9. 由于独立思考的三部分可以互补,你可以拥有它们其中的一部分,但仍然获得相同的结果。
  10. 因此,好奇心是指南针。也许,如果你的目标是发现新奇的想法,你的座右铭不应该是“做你热爱的事”,而应该是“做你好奇的事”。

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