Daily Productive Sharing 989 - Laziness Is A Virtue

Daily Productive Sharing 989 - Laziness Is A Virtue
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Can mental work be evaluated by the same standards as physical labor? Morgan Housel believes the answer is no:

  1. Mental work usually involves a lot of thinking and decision-making, which requires sufficient alone time;
  2. Good ideas do not necessarily occur at the desk or in meetings; they often arise unexpectedly during a walk, in the shower, or even over the weekend;
  3. If we measure mental work by the standards of physical labor, it is bound to fail. This is also why overtime is ineffective, as the length of work hours does not correlate positively with the output of mental labor.

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脑力劳动是否可以像体力劳动用同样的标准来评估?Morgan Housel 认为答案是否定的:

  1. 脑力劳动通常意味着大量的思考和决策,这需要足够的独处时间;
  2. 好的点子并不一定出现在办公桌上或者会议中,往往不经意地出现在散步中,在洗澡中,甚至在周末中;
  3. 如果我们用体力劳动的标准来衡量脑力劳动,注定是失败的,这也是为什么加班无效的原因,因为工作时长和脑力劳动的产出并不正相关。

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