Daily Productive Sharing 990 - How to Keep Happy?

Daily Productive Sharing 990 - How to Keep Happy?
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How to stay happy? Anne-Laure Le Cunff points out that our brains can secrete hormones that make us happy: dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin, and endorphins. So how can we make our brains continuously joyful these hormones? Start with the small things around you:

  1. Record the joy triggers that make you happy onto a list;
  2. These joy triggers can be done at any time;
  3. When you are unhappy, you can refer to this list and pick a joy trigger to cheer yourself up."

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如何保持快乐?Anne-Laure Le Cunff 指出我们的大脑能分泌这些激素让我们快乐:多巴胺,血清素,催产素,内啡肽。那么如何让我们的大脑持续地分泌这些激素呢?不妨从身边的小事做起:

  1. 把让你快乐的小事记录到一个列表上;
  2. 这些小事是随时可以做的;
  3. 当你不开心的时候,可以查询这一列表,然后挑一件小事让自己开心起来。

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