Daily Productive Sharing 994 - The Precious Moments

Daily Productive Sharing 994 - The Precious Moments
Photo by Fudo Jahic / Unsplash

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Are precious moments worth pursuing? Ryan Holiday believes that the present moment is actually the most precious, so there's no need to deliberately pursue special moments:

  1. The present moment is the one you can grasp and is the most worth cherishing.
  2. When we chase after precious moments, we often overlook the present, which is counterproductive.
  3. Many seemingly mundane times are actually very precious, such as when a flight is delayed and everyone gathers to chat.

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珍贵时刻值得追求吗?Ryan Holiday 认为其实眼前的时刻才是最珍贵的,所以没有必要去刻意追求珍贵时刻:

  1. 当下才是你可以抓住的,才是最值得珍惜的;
  2. 当我们可以追求珍贵时刻的话,我们往往会忽略当下,适得其反;
  3. 很多看起来无聊的时候其实是非常珍贵的,比如航班延误之后,大家聚在一起闲聊。

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