Daily Productive Sharing 995 - Responsiveness


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One helpful tip per day:)

What is the most likable trait? According to Sasha Chapin, it's responsiveness:

  1. Responsiveness is like dancing with a great partner who moves in sync with you.
  2. This responsiveness makes you feel noticed and valued, which is crucial.
  3. This principle applies to many aspects of life. For example, when fixing code issues, clear error messages often make the process much easier.

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最招人喜欢的特质是什么?Sasha Chapin 认为是给予别人及时的反馈:

  1. 能获得及时反馈就像和一个很好的舞伴跳舞,能够随着你的舞步一起舞动;
  2. 这种反馈让你感到自己受到关注,这才是最重要的;
  3. 其实生活中很多其他方面也是如此,比如修复代码问题时,清晰的报错信息往往能让修复变得更容易。

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