Daily Productive Sharing 997 - Performance and Expectation

The more clearly you can see whether you need to practice, audition, or perform, the smoother your working experiences will be.

Daily Productive Sharing 997 - Performance and Expectation
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What are the differences between practice, rehearsal, and performance? Herbert Lui believes the main difference lies in people's expectations:

  1. The purpose of practice is to improve skills, the purpose of rehearsal is to secure a performance opportunity, and the purpose of performance is to showcase the best skills possible.
  2. Our performance varies across these three stages, and so do people's expectations. The biggest issue arises when there is a mismatch between people's expectations and our performance.
  3. When we have a clearer understanding of which stage we are in, we can perform better and align more closely with others' expectations.

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练习,试演和表演的差异是什么?Herbert Lui 认为是人们对他们的期待不同:

  1. 练习的目的是提高技能,试演的目的是为了获得表演机会,而表演的目的是尽可能地展现最好的技能;
  2. 这三个阶段我们的表现是不一样的,所以人们的预期也不一样,最大的问题在于人们的预期和我们的表现产生了错配;
  3. 当我们更清楚自己在于哪个阶段,我们也就能更好地表现,更好地符合他人的预期。

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