Daily Productive Sharing 998 - What I Learned from Writing Online

Your taste for good writing will almost always surpass your abilities.

Daily Productive Sharing 998 - What I Learned from Writing Online
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What insights have been gained after years of writing? Eugene Yan shares his reflections:

  1. Write for Yourself: Writing is a process of exploration that helps identify gaps in knowledge. Therefore, the most important aspect is to write for yourself.
  2. Find Like-minded Individuals: Writing can help you connect with others who share your interests. People who are interested in the same topics will find your work, leading to meaningful connections.
  3. Compounding Effect: Writing has a compounding effect. Consistent writing will yield long-term benefits, such as improved writing skills and a growing readership.
  4. Record of Ideas: Writing serves as a way to capture and record your ideas and inspirations.

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坚持多年写作之后,悟到了什么?Eugene Yan 分享了他的感悟:

  1. 首先要为自己而写,写作是一个探索的过程,能帮助自己找到和知识之间的差异,所以最重要的是为自己而写;
  2. 其次写作可以帮你找到同好,冥冥之中其他人也会对同样的话题感兴趣,所以写作能帮你找到对同一话题感兴趣的人;
  3. 再次写作也是一种复利,只要你坚持写,就能看到长期的效果,你的写作能力会提高,你的读者群会增大;
  4. 最后写作也是一种记录,能帮你把灵感记录下来。

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