Daily Productive Sharing 999 - How to Get Rich Now

The value of a company is a function of its revenue and its growth rate.

Daily Productive Sharing 999 - How to Get Rich Now
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How can one become wealthy in the present day? Paul Graham, after comparing historical data, believes that the most common way is still to start a company:

  1. In the 1980s, wealth accumulation in the United States was primarily through inheritance, whereas today, the most common way is by starting a company.
  2. The cost of starting a company today is much lower than it used to be, making it easier to do so.
  3. Companies grow much faster today than they did in the past. Combining these factors, becoming wealthy through starting a company has become more common.

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在当下如何变得富有?Paul Graham 比较了历史数据,认为最普遍的方式还是创建公司:

  1. 在上世纪八十年代,美国最普遍的财富积累靠的是继承,而今天,最普遍的方式是创建公司;
  2. 在今天创建公司的成本要比以前小得多,所以也就更容易一些;
  3. 今天公司的成长速度也比以前快了很多,所以两相叠加,靠公司致富也变得更为普遍。

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