Daily Productive Sharing 529 - Lessons From Forty-year Career

Daily Productive Sharing 529 - Lessons From Forty-year Career
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We previously shared our experiences with five years of work experience Daily Productive Sharing 514 and ten years of work experience Daily Productive Sharing 519, Will Larson expanded the topic to include four decades of career growth, which focuses on five areas.

  1. pacing: it is important to pace ourselves so that we can reduce the chances of burnout and prolong our careers.
  2. colleagues: in addition to family, and you spend the most time together is colleagues, so your colleagues will have a great impact on you, whether positive or negative.
  3. presitage: your reputation lays the foundation for the next stage of your career, for example, coming from a prestigious school or having worked for a well-known company can help you find a better job. As management, we have to work hard to eliminate the bias caused by prestige, and ourselves, we can build our reputation through a series of efforts, such as writing, speaking, etc..
  4. profit: the most important significance of FIRE is to provide flexibility, we can choose what we like and what we want without being affected by economic factors.
  5. learning: to proceed in career, continuous learning is essential.

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我们之前分享了五年工作经验 Daily Productive Sharing 514 - 20220804 和十年工作经验 Daily Productive Sharing 519 - 20220811 的体验,Will Larson 将这一话题拓展到了长达四十年的职业成长,它主要从五方面来讨论:

  1. 节奏:把握节奏非常重要,可以让我们减少 burnout 的几率,延长我们的职业生涯;
  2. 同事:除了家庭,和你相处时间最长的就是同事了,所以你的同事会给你造成很大的影响,不管是积极的还是消极的;

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