Daily Productive Sharing 833 - Worrying is a Waste of Time

Daily Productive Sharing 833 - Worrying is a Waste of Time
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Tom Greene believes that anxiety is essentially a waste of our time:

  1. According to a Cornell survey, only 15% of the things we worry about actually happen, and 79% of those are not as bad as we fear. In other words, overall, only 3% of the anxieties are as terrible as we imagine them to be.
  2. Anxiety affects not only our mental health but also our physical well-being.
  3. Appropriate anxiety can help us face challenges, but excessive worry is harmful.
  4. Often, we think that being anxious is part of the solution, but that's not the case.

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Tom Greene 认为焦虑其实实在浪费我们的时间:

  1. 根据一份康奈尔的调研,只有15%焦虑的坏事真正发生,而这其中的79%并不像人们焦虑的那样差。也就是说,总体而言,只有3% 的焦虑真正入人们想象的那么糟糕。
  2. 焦虑不仅会影响我们的心理健康,更会影响我们的生理健康;
  3. 适当的焦虑可以帮我们应对挑战,但是超量的焦虑有害无益;
  4. 很多时候,我们以为焦虑是解决问题的一部分,但其实不然。

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