Daily Productive Sharing 839 - Experience Makes Coders Better

Daily Productive Sharing 839 - Experience Makes Coders Better
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One helpful tip per day:)

Addy Osmani believes that continuous new projects always promote programmer growth:

  1. Merely mastering a single tool or technology doesn't showcase their value. When a programmer can integrate various tools or technologies seamlessly, they become more valuable.
  2. Knowing when and how to use a tool is the real test for a programmer.
  3. As time goes on, programmers will accumulate more experience, allowing them to better combine different tools.

Regarding how to better accumulate experience, Addy also provided some specific advice:

  1. After completing each project, review and ideally document it.
  2. Try to help others and seek assistance when needed.
  3. Engage more in the community and participate in open-source projects.
  4. Never stop learning.

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Addy Osmani 认为不断的新项目会一直促进程序员成长:

  1. 单独掌握一门工具或者技术并不能凸显他们的价值,当一个程序员能把这些不同的工具或者技术融汇贯通,他们才会有更大的价值;
  2. 知道何时用一门工具,如何合理地使用一门工具,才是对程序员的考验;
  3. 随着时间的推移,程序员的经验会越来越多,也就能更好地组合使用不同的工具;

至于如何更好地积攒经验,Addy 也给出了一些具体建议:

  1. 每做完一个项目,都要回顾,最好记录下来;
  2. 尝试着帮助别人,也尝试着向别人求助;
  3. 多参与到社区中去,多参与到开源项目中去;
  4. 永远不要停止学习。

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