Daily Productive Sharing 844 - Tony Dinh's Updates

Daily Productive Sharing 844 - Tony Dinh's Updates
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One helpful tip per day:)

Tony Dinh recently shared his story of going from zero to a monthly income of $45,000 and received a lot of feedback. Therefore, in the latest issue of his newsletter, he shared his insights:

  1. If you want to be an independent developer, just focus on your customers and ignore the other noises;
  2. If you keep working hard, then when luck arrives, your success will be magnified;
  3. If you think that it might be possible to succeed at doing something, then your mindset will be very different.

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Tony Dinh 近期分享了他从零到月入 4.5 万美金的故事,收到了不少反馈,于是在最近的一期电子报里,他分享了自己的心得:

  1. 如果你想独立开发,只要关注你的顾客即可,忽略其他的声音;
  2. 如果你持续努力,那么当运气到来时,你的成功就会被放大;
  3. 如果你想着也许有可能做成做这件事,那么你的心态会大不一样。

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