Daily Productive Sharing 851 - How to Be Successful?

Daily Productive Sharing 851 - How to Be Successful?
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Mark Manson has some unique insights into success:

  1. Truly successful individuals often do not conform to norms; their habits tend to stand out from the majority.
  2. Extreme success is built upon unique ideas, correctness, and execution on a large scale.
  3. The key to success is to hold a different, correct viewpoint and to have the courage to fight for it.
  4. Success depends not only on execution but also on creativity and courage.
  5. Extreme success may bring risks of being unpopular, frequent failures, and a lack of happiness.
  6. Understanding true motivation is key to pursuing success, rather than just surpassing others.

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Mark Manson 对成功有不少独到见解:

  1. 真正的成功人士往往不循规蹈矩,他们的习惯往往与众不同;
  2. 极端成功建立在独特的想法、正确性和大规模执行之上;
  3. 成功的关键是持有与众不同、正确的观点,并敢于为之奋斗。
  4. 成功不仅仅取决于执行,还包括创意和勇气;
  5. 极端成功可能带来不受欢迎、频繁失败和幸福感缺失的风险;[[Daily Productive Sharing 850 - 20231117]]
  6. 真正的动机理解是追求成功的关键,而非仅仅超越他人。

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