Daily Productive Sharing 852 - Unplanned work

Daily Productive Sharing 852 - Unplanned work
Photo by Alex Suprun / Unsplash

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Julian Lehr discusses how Linear internally transforms unplanned tasks into planned work:

  1. Unplanned tasks will always exist; it's just a matter of when they arise.
  2. While unplanned tasks are inevitable, we can prepare measures to handle them in advance.
  3. The most crucial aspect when dealing with unplanned tasks is to convert them into executable tasks with prioritization.

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Julian Lehr 介绍了 Linear 内部如何将突发工作转换为有计划工作的实践:

  1. 突发工作会一直存在,只是时间早晚的问题;
  2. 突发工作不可避免,但是我们可以提前准备好应对措施;
  3. 当我们遇到突发工作的时候,最重要的是将他们转变为可执行的,有优先度的工作。

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