Daily Productive Sharing 858 - 3 Hard Truths

Daily Productive Sharing 858 - 3 Hard Truths
Photo by Vadim Sadovski / Unsplash

One helpful tip per day:)

Mark Manson highlighted three uncomfortable truths that we often resist accepting:

  1. We are often wrong about many things and it might take a long time to realize this – hence, it's better to observe more and speak less.
  2. We might be quite foolish – so it's wise to take our time before reaching conclusions.
  3. Caring for others is the most crucial factor in maintaining our happiness – therefore, it's important to nurture our relationships well.

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Mark Manson 提到了三个我们不愿相信的事实:

  1. 我们对于很多事物都是错误的,也许要等很久才能认清 -- 所以多看少说;
  2. 我们可能很蠢 -- 所以慢慢下结论;
  3. 关心他人是我们保持快乐的最重要因素 -- 所以好好维持各种关系。

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