Daily Productive Sharing 859 - Reflecting on Time at Google

Daily Productive Sharing 859 - Reflecting on Time at Google
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Ian Hickson, after leaving Google following 18 years of service, highlighted several issues currently facing the company:

  1. The company culture at Google has drastically changed from its early years, with a significant shift occurring after Sundar Pichai took over as CEO.
  2. The guiding principle of "Do No Evil" is no longer the focus; instead, short-term stock prices have become the main priority.
  3. Layoffs have caused significant harm to employees, and even those who remain are less inclined towards innovation, focusing more on their own job security.

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Ian Hickson 在 Google 工作了十八年后离职,指出了当下 Google 的一些问题:

  1. 当前 Google 的公司文化和早年的完全不一样,转折点在于 Sundar Pichai 接手 CEO 之后;
  2. 整个公司不再以 Do No Evil 作为指导方针,而是以短期的股价作为坐标;
  3. 裁员对于员工的伤害非常大,即使留下的员工也不再像原来那样勇于创新,而是要考虑自己的生存。

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