Daily Productive Sharing 871 - Steve Jobs’ Legacy

Daily Productive Sharing 871 - Steve Jobs’ Legacy
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Evan Armstrong, after reading Make Something Wonderful, offers a reflective analysis of Steve Jobs' legacy:

  1. The world is essentially a ragtag team.
  2. Miracles can happen when good content meets good technology.
  3. Jobs appeared to make wrong choices, but he consistently chose what he loved.
  4. Many believe they have a secure job, only to realize later it's not.
  5. Addressing issues you care about can be a rewarding lifestyle.
  6. In essence, Jobs' philosophy was about loving what you cherish, betting on yourself and creating something beautiful.

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Evan Armstrong 读完描写乔布斯的 Make Something Wonderful,认真分析了乔布斯到底留了什么给我们:

  1. 世界不过是由一个草台班子组成的;
  2. 好的内容与好的技术结合起来,可能会有奇迹产生;
  3. 乔布斯看起来每一步都走错了,但其实每一步他都选择做自己喜欢的事;
  4. 很多人以为自己找到了铁饭碗,直到很多年之后才发现并不是;
  5. 解决你关心的问题是一种很好的生活方式;
  6. 简而言之,乔布斯的生活之道就是:爱你所爱的,看好自己,创造一些美好。

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