Daily Productive Sharing 885 - Goal Setting

Daily Productive Sharing 885 - Goal Setting
Photo by BoliviaInteligente / Unsplash

One helpful tip per day:)

Herman Martinus introduced how he set goals for the new year:

  1. Keep the main focus on 3 goals or fewer
  2. Define what hitting these goals looks like
  3. Specify how I will achieve each goal
  4. Revisit the list a handful of times throughout the year to make sure I'm still on track (or whether my destination has changed)

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Herman Martinus 介绍了自己如何设定新年目标:

  1. 将目标限定为至多三个;
  2. 想清楚这些实现这些目标是什么样的;
  3. 想清楚如何实现这些目标;
  4. 在今后的一年里定期回顾,保证自己的进度在线。

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