Daily Productive Sharing 892 - Personal Experiments

Daily Productive Sharing 892 - Personal Experiments
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Anne-Laure Le Cunff points out that personal experimentation is a more effective path for growth:

  1. Curiosity is a magical force that keeps us passionate and moving forward. To make good use of this force, we can apply it in personal experiments.
  2. There is no failure in personal experiments, as it is a process. Any result that emerges is a data point, providing feedback for adjustments.
  3. To effectively utilize personal experimentation, there are a few steps to follow: First, understand where you currently stand. Then, conduct experiments based on curiosity, changing only one variable at a time. Spend enough time to record these changes. If the changes don't meet expectations, adjust promptly. If they meet or exceed expectations, keep going. Of course, even as you persist, it's important to periodically review your progress.

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Anne-Laure Le Cunff 指出个人试验是成长的更有路径:

  1. 好奇心是一股神奇的力量,可以让我们保持激情,一直往前走。要想好好利用这股力量,我们可以将其用于个人试验中;
  2. 个人试验不存在失败,因为它是一个过程,在这中间产生的任何结果都是一个数据点,反馈给我们,从而让我们进行调整;
  3. 要想好好利用个人试验,有这么几步:首先明白自己所处的位置,然后根据好奇心进行试验,每次只改一个变量,然后花足够的时间来记录这些变化。如果变化不及预期就及时调整,如果符合或者超出预期就一直坚持下去。当然即使坚持下去,也要时不时地回顾。

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