Daily Productive Sharing 889 - 9 Years of A Solo Dev

Daily Productive Sharing 889 - 9 Years of A Solo Dev
Photo by Henrique Ferreira / Unsplash

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Estonian developer Mihhail Lapushkin has spent the past nine years using his spare time to create a minimalist note-taking tool -- Paper. He shared his insights:

  1. Maintaining minimalism is not easy. It requires curbing the desire to add features while ensuring that paying users feel they are getting their money's worth. Of course, there are also many users who appreciate minimalism;
  2. In development, he made several unconventional choices: using native frameworks for development, avoiding third-party dependencies, etc. He did this because he wanted to provide the best user experience, and he felt that these efforts were worthwhile;
  3. Keeping a slower development pace and fewer features allows him to focus more on refining the existing functionalities;
  4. Building his own channels for communication within the software might seem time-consuming and labor-intensive, but it not only allows him to communicate more directly with users but also provides roadmaps to his development.

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爱沙尼亚的开发者 Mihhail Lapushkin 在过去九年间,利用闲暇时间创建了一个极简笔记工具 -- Paper。他分享了自己的心得:

  1. 要想维持极简并不容易,要遏制加功能的渴望,要让付费用户觉得物有所值。当然也有不少喜欢极简的用户;
  2. 在开发中,他做出了不少不同寻常的选择:使用原生框架开发,不实用第三方依赖性等等。之所以这么做,是因为他想提供最好的用户体验,而且他觉得这些付出是值得的;
  3. 保持较慢的开发节奏,保持较少的功能,让他可以更专心地打磨已有的功能;
  4. 在软件中自建与用户沟通的渠道听起来费时费力,但这不仅让他可以更直接地和用户沟通,还让他的开发更有方向性。

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