Daily Productive Sharing 891 - Public And Private Writing

Daily Productive Sharing 891 - Public And Private Writing
Photo by Kristaps Ungurs / Unsplash

One helpful tip per day:)

Herman Martinus believes that there are two types of writing: private writing and public writing. Both types can help him grow:

  1. Writing helps him organize his thoughts.
  2. Writing not only allows him to better understand these topics but also helps him recall some easily overlooked details.
  3. Public writing leads to a lot of interaction with his readers.
  4. When he writes, it not only deepens his understanding but also allows him to incorporate his new ideas, sparking more inspiration.

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Herman Martinus 认为写作分为两种,一种是私人写作,一种是公开写作。无论哪种都能帮助他成长:

  1. 写作能够帮助他整理自己的思考;
  2. 写作不仅能让他更好地理解这些话题,更可以让他回忆起一些容易忽略的细节;
  3. 公开写作让他和读者有了很多互动;
  4. 当他写作时, 不仅让他更了解这些,也会把自己的一些新想法加入进去,激发更多的灵感。

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