Daily Productive Sharing 918 - Decision Journal

Daily Productive Sharing 918 - Decision Journal
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Shane Parrish suggests that keeping a record of your decision-making process can be very helpful:

  1. Decision journals can help you learn from past experiences and mistakes, avoiding the same problems in the future;
  2. We tend to forget how we made decisions at the time, so decision journals can help us review and understand whether the outcomes were due to luck;
  3. In the decision journal, we can include the following sections -- the specific context, the problem faced, variables related to the problem, other options and reasons for not choosing them, expected outcomes and their probabilities, and the time for review.

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Shane Parrish 建议记录自己的决策过程会很有帮助:

  1. 决策笔记能帮助你从过去的经验教训中学习,避免未来发生同样的问题;
  2. 我们很容易忘记自己当时是如何决策的,所以决策笔记可以帮助我们回顾,从而让我们明白这样的结果到底是由运气所致;
  3. 在决策笔记中,我们可以包括以下部分 -- 具体语境,所面临的问题,与这一问题相关的变量,其余选项以及为什么不选,预期的结果及对应的概率,回顾的时间。

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