Daily Productive Sharing 922 - Spot Differences

Daily Productive Sharing 922 - Spot Differences
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One helpful tip per day:)

Herbert Lui, when submitting his manuscripts to editors, discovered:

  1. Once he accepted the edits from the editors, those suggestions disappeared;
  2. Therefore, he created a new document with three columns: the first column for his own version, the second for the editor's suggestions, and the third for the differences and thoughts he observed himself;
  3. He applied the same technique to his life, beginning to compare differences before and after his decisions.

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Herbert Lui 在提交自己的稿件给编辑时发现:

  1. 一旦他接受了编辑的修改意见,这些修改意见就消失了;
  2. 为此,他创建了一个新的文档,有三栏,第一栏记录他自己的版本,第二栏记录编辑的修改意见,第三栏记录他自己观察到的差异和想法;
  3. 他把同样的技巧运用到生活中,开始对比自己决策前后的差异。
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