Daily Productive Sharing 933 - Write to Think

Daily Productive Sharing 933 - Write to Think
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One helpful tip per day:)

Herbert Lui believes that writing is a completely different form of creation, and we should enjoy the act of writing itself:

  1. Writing is both a creative process and a finished product, combining the two into one.
  2. The starting point and endpoint of writing can both be on paper or a screen, unlike other forms of creation, such as movies, which start with a script and end on film.
  3. So don't worry too much, just start writing, and maybe you'll find inspiration, maybe you'll find joy.
  4. Most importantly, writing itself is a part of thinking.

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Herbert Lui 认为写作是和其他创作完全不同的形式,我们更应该享受写作本身:

  1. 写作既是一个创作过程,也是一个完成产品,两者合二为一;
  2. 写作的起点和终点可能都在纸上或者屏幕上,不像其他创作形式,比如电影起始于剧本,终结于胶片;
  3. 所以别管太多,提笔就写,也许你会找到灵感,也许你会找到快乐;
  4. 最重要的是,写作本身就是思考的一部分。

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