Daily Productive Sharing 937 - Nassim Taleb on Reading

Daily Productive Sharing 937 - Nassim Taleb on Reading
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Nassim Taleb, the author of The Black Swan and Antifragile, shares some insights on his views about books:

  1. When he gets tired of a book, he switches to another one instead of giving up on reading.
  2. A good book is one worth rereading as it offers more value with each read.
  3. He suggests drinking aged wine and reading aged books to maintain old friendships.
  4. Taleb believes that the value of a book increases when people from different backgrounds summarize it, with greater diversity in interpretations indicating higher value.

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《黑天鹅》,《反脆弱》的作者 Nassim Taleb 介绍了他对书籍的一些看法:

  1. 当他厌倦某本书时,他会换一本书读,而不是直接放弃阅读;
  2. 一本值得重读的书才是好书,重读会让你获得更多的价值;
  3. 喝高年份的酒,读高年份的书,维护老朋友;
  4. 让不同背景的人总结同一本书,如果大家的总结越不一样,这本书的价值越高。

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