Daily Productive Sharing 941 - Scheduled Worry

Daily Productive Sharing 941 - Scheduled Worry
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Nick Wignall introduces a method for dealing with anxiety -- scheduled worrying:

  1. Set aside a fixed time each day to write down your anxieties, just ten minutes, preferably in the evening.
  2. During these ten minutes, you are free to write down any worries, no matter how big or small.
  3. Most importantly, you need to be consistent. This is not a quick fix and won't immediately solve your anxiety. But if you stick with it, you can train your brain.
  4. In fact, this is a form of thinking training that helps your brain better cope with anxiety.
  5. Even if you feel anxious outside of the scheduled time, it's okay. You can tell yourself that you indeed are anxious at the moment, but you can worry during the fixed time, and for now, you can focus on the present.

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Nick Wignall 介绍了一种处理焦虑的方式 -- 有计划地焦虑:

  1. 每天安排固定的时间把自己的焦虑写下来,只要十分钟,最好安排在傍晚;
  2. 在这十分钟里,你可以自由地写下任何焦虑,无论大小;
  3. 最重要的是,你需要坚持。这不是特效药,不会立马解决你的焦虑。但是坚持下来,就能训练你的大脑;
  4. 其实这是一种思考训练,帮助你的大脑更好地应对焦虑;
  5. 即使以后在计划的时间外焦虑,也没关系。你可以告诉自己,我确实目前有焦虑,但是可以在固定的时间焦虑,当下可以先专注。

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