Daily Productive Sharing 963 - Why Start Journaling

Daily Productive Sharing 963 - Why Start Journaling
Photo by Tom Allport / Unsplash

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Herman Martinus reflected on why he started keeping a journal three years ago:

  1. The act of sitting down to record each day prompted him to review what he had done that day.
  2. Once he wrote down his thoughts, he could both put them out of his mind and revisit them in the future.
  3. We often overlook the process, and notes precisely remind us of where we started and how much has changed.

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Herman Martinus 回问自己为什么开始在三年前开始写日志:

  1. 每天坐下来纪录的这一动作促使他回顾在这一天做了什么;
  2. 当他把想法写下来之后,既可以把它们抛之脑后,又可以在未来回顾这些;
  3. 我们往往忽略过程,而笔记恰好提醒我们从哪里开始,有了多少改变。

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