Daily Productive Sharing 973 - WTF Notebook

Daily Productive Sharing 973 - WTF Notebook
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One helpful tip per day:)

If you join a new team and disagree with some of their practices, Nat Bennett offers a useful approach:

  1. Prepare a "WTF" notebook;
  2. Observe carefully and record any practices you find questionable;
  3. Continue observing and gradually rationalize some of these practices:
    1. Either there are reasons behind these practices;
    2. Or the team is already working on fixing these issues;
    3. Or the team does not care about these issues;
    4. Or the issues have simple solutions;
  4. After observing for a few weeks, if there are still issues remaining in your "WTF" notebook, discuss these with your supervisor. Ask why things are the way they are and how they became that way.

This approach shows curiosity and enthusiasm about the team, while also being patient and respectful towards other team members.

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Nat Bennett 给出了一个很好的思路:

  1. 准备一个 WTF 笔记本;
  2. 认真观察,把所有看不惯的做法都先记录下来;
  3. 继续观察,把其中一部分内容化掉:
    1. 要么这些做法自有它们的原因;
    2. 要么这个团队已经在修复这些问题;
    3. 要么这个团队根本不关心这一问题;
    4. 要么这一问题有很简单的解决措施;
  4. 这样观察了几周之后,如果还有一些问题剩在 WTF 笔记本上,Nat 就会和他上司讨论这些问题。他会问为什么会这样,怎么会变成这样。


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