Daily Productive Sharing 992 - A Or B?

Daily Productive Sharing 992 - A Or B?
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Which type of question is more effective: Yes/No questions or A/B questions? Jakob Greenfeld suggests the latter:

  1. Asking A or B provides two options, so the other person needs to choose between them.
  2. It eliminates the option of saying "no," making it difficult for the other person to refuse.
  3. This approach can also be applied to oneself. Instead of asking, "Should I exercise today?" ask, "Should I go for a run or do strength training today?" This makes it easier to stick to the exercise routine.

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到底是问 Yes / No 的问题有效,还是问 A 或者 B 的问题有效?Jakob Greenfeld 建议选择后者:

  1. 问 A 或者 B 给出了两个可选项,所以对方需要从这两者中选其一;
  2. 并且排除了“不”这个选项,对方就很难说不;
  3. 同样的问题也适合问自己,比如不要问自己今天去不去锻炼,而是问自己,今天跑步还是练力量。这样更容易把锻炼坚持下去。

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