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今天的推荐是 The two sides of stress: distress and eustressPressure and procrastination 。这两篇都是 Ness Lab 最近的实验:使用 GPT–3 生成话题,然后 Anne-Laure 会根据给定的话题写作。即 AI + 人的混合方式来写作。

其实使用 AI 来辅助写作已经不是什么新鲜事了,比如 Forbes / WSJ/LA Times 早就采用类似的技术辅助自己的记者写作。大家怎么看待这种 AI + 人力的合作形式呢?

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Today’s recommendations are The two sides of stress: distress and eustress, Pressure and procrastination . Both of these are recent experiments by Ness Lab: using GPT–3 to generate topics, Anne-Laure wrote on the given topic - an AI + human combined approach of writing.

The use of AI to assist in writing is nothing new, e.g. Forbes / WSJ/LA Times have long used similar technology to aid their own journalistic writing.

How do you think of this form of AI + human collaboration?

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