On Year Two

On Year Two
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Today is the second birthday of Daily Productive Sharing. As in the first year, DPS keeps sharing one high-quality article each weekday, with a different theme Monday through Friday.

Monday: Efficiency Improvement
Tuesday: Reading Recommendations
Wednesday: Writing Polishing
Thursday: Career Optimization
Friday: Long article recommendation

At the same time, we have started Biweekly Exodus, an e-newsletter focusing on skilled migration, which publishes one original article every two weeks. Together with the ones published last year, a total of 18 articles have been published so far.

Both newsletters are now available for free trial, so BWE can subscribe here and try them out.

Also, we publish a Weekly Digest every Saturday to review the published articles each week.

This year, we've updated 260 articles,  and subscriptions have grown steadily, up slightly from last year to 730, and the column on SSPAI has over 2,400 subscriptions, by far the most subscribed column. While the Telegram channel has over 2,500 subscriptions and the Telegram group has dropped a bit, less than 1,200.

Thank you all for your support this past year, especially the 133 of you who paid!

How much money did we make?

Twice as many people paid this year as last year, and many of them came for the BWE newsletter.

The total revenue for the year was $3878, which leaves $3644 after Stripe fees. Because we needed to support two newsletters, our Ghost plan was upgraded to an annual fee of $300, leaving a net of $3344, which is about $14 per article. That's a lot better than last year's $3. So thanks again to all of you who paid to support us!

Future Plans

The plan for the future is the same as the previous two years, we will continue to recommend one valuable article every working day and provide you with one piece of information on skilled migration every two weeks. We hope that DPS will continue to provide valuable articles and BWE will continue to provide valuable advice on skilled migration to you.

As Ghost has added more and more functions, we have been adding new features to the website one after another. For example, both newsletters now have a free trial, so new users can choose to read the full article before paying for it. Each article also has a comment function, so that paid users can leave comments below. In addition, a search function has been added to the home page of the website, so you can easily retrieve all previously published articles. If you are a paid subscriber, you can read the full text of all previously published articles.
Anyway, as my friend said, if life didn't change much, she would have kept her newsletter going. I think this is also the goal of DPS and BWE.

今天是 Daily Productive Sharing 的两周年生日。 如同第一年,DPS 在每个工作日分享一篇高质量的文章,周一到周五有不同的主题:

  • 周一:效率提升
  • 周二:阅读推荐
  • 周三:写作打磨
  • 周四:职业优化
  • 周五:长文推荐

同时,我们增开了专注于技术移民的电子报 Biweekly Exodus,每两周发布一篇原创的技术移民文章。加上去年发布的,一共已经发布了18篇。

目前两份电子报都开通了免费试读功能,BWE 可以在这里订阅后试读

同时,我们每周六都会发布 Weekly Digest,回顾每周发布的内容,方便大家检索。

今年一共更新了260篇。Ghost 的订阅稳步增长,比去年少许增加,达到730。少数派专栏订阅超过2400,是目前订阅数最多的专栏。Telegram 频道订阅数超过2500,Telegram 群组 则有所下滑,低于1200。



今年付费的朋友比去年多了一倍,其中有很多是冲着 BWE 这份电子报来的。

这一年的总收入$3878,刨除 Stripe 手续费,还剩 $3644。因为需要支持两份电子报,我们的 Ghost 套餐也升级了,年费 $300。净剩$3344,约合人民币26248元,每篇文章的收入大约是100元。比起去年的20.4元强多了。所以再次感谢付费支持的各位!


未来的计划还是和之前两年一样,继续在每个工作日为大家推荐一篇有价值的文章,每两周为大家提供一篇技术移民的资讯。希望 DPS 继续为大家提供有价值的生产力文章,也希望 BWE 继续为大家提供有价值的技术移民建议。

随着 Ghost 的功能日趋完善,我们也陆续在网站上增加了新功能。比如目前两份电子报都开通了免费试读功能,新用户可以选择试读全文之后再付费。每篇文章也开通了评论功能,付费用户可以在下面留言。另外网站首页也增加了搜索功能,所以大家可以方便地检索之前发布的所有文章。如果你是付费用户的话,可以读到之前所有发布文章的全文。

总之就像我的朋友穿堂风说的那样,如果生活没有什么大的变化,她会一直把她的电子报做下去。我想这也是 DPS 和 BWE 的小目标。